HERE'S HOW TO JOIN US in Our Element! 

1. Consult the timetables and decide upon the programs that you would like your child/ren to join.

2. Complete the 'Family Membership Application' below

3. We will contact you to arrange a time to meet with your family and to confirm the next step of the enrolment process. Enrolment will be considered finalised once full payment has been received and the return of any further forms have been received.

We provide

- A team of passionate, creative, kind and super skilled learning guides to lead programs that they are super enthusiastic to share!

- Small groups for before / after school hours passion projects 

- Fun, hands on, meaningful group-learning opportunities focused on integrating our values and building upon our essential skills, as detailed in other sections of this site.

- Our lovely Hub! A secure space to build community, plant roots and spread wings

- A healthy biological space and focus on wellbeing: blue-light blocking lights, access to filtered water, fresh organic/spray free/local fruit bowl, low-tox' focus, chemical free cleaning products, quiet purpose designed resting rooms for sensory breaks.


Every child that joins is considered a member of the Our Element Community.

General membership - no fee

Inclusions (in addition to awesome learning experiences!)

  • Annual membership ongoing throughout 2022

  • Opt in to additional holiday learning blocks

  • Seasonal community events and information sessions

  • Digital visual celebration of your child's learning experiences within the hub, to assist building your learning portfolio


Should your family benefit from extra support, the amplified family membership may be a valuable addition to you - designed specifically to support homeschooling families.

Amplified family membership - $150 annually

Inclusions (in addition to general membership inclusions plus awesome learning experiences…)

  • 60 min one-on-one consult with our Home Learning consultant Emma, to assist in designing your family learning program for HEU submission (typically at the beginning of your membership)

  • 30 min one-on-one support with wonderful Emma, providing HEU reporting assistance (typically toward the end of year)

  • Priority access to holiday programs, after school hours programs and annual membership renewals

  • 1x Our Element T-Shirt - yeah!