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Our annual program consists of 4 x 9 week learning blocks, each followed by a 2-3 week holiday block.

Our day time programs run from 9am - 2pm each day.


During the holiday blocks you can either take a break from the hub, or if you are totally addicted to learning with us, you can opt in to join our holiday programs as well!


To deeply weave through our values of environmental stewardship, wellbeing, creativity and innovation, we have created 3 streams to amplify these values via curation of a timetable where the skills, passions and strengths of our learning guides are leveraged for the most exciting and diverse learning outcomes. You can get to know our incredible Learning Guides here.

Each day regardless of the stream (explorers, innovators or creators), learners will always experience all four values to varying degrees.


Full Day programs - $70 per child per day

Creative Foundations - $35 per child per session 

Before and After hours programs - priced uniquely and available to view in our shop once a position is available

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It is said that knowledge is power. We believe that creativity is ALSO power! In fact creativity is one of the most in-demand 21st Century skills!

Creators days are all about setting free the creative genius inside every learner so that through creative expression and the honing of technical skills to support the communication of their creativity, they will grow in confidence and knowledge that they in fact are the creators of their own reality AND the future world that we will all inhabit. 


Creator's days are amplified by our incredibly gifted learning guides with skill sets ranging from poets to musicians to performing artists to carpenters to fashion designers and more.

Expect the exploration of the learning program to be very hands on, frequently messy and extremely liberating.

In the younger 6-8’s our priority will be upon encouraging, developing and celebrating free creative expression. In the 9 years and older we will continue the free expression focus and enhance it with technical skill sharpening.

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“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” - Albert Einstein

We are in a time of rapid technological advancement and equally rapidly increasing planetary distress. 

We need positive change, we need big ideas and we need progress in order to create a beautiful future for humankind on this planet Earth.

Innovators days will invoke imagination, critical thinking and design thinking. When experiencing the learning program, learners can expect to be challenged and encouraged to think big and bold in order to develop their innovative mindset. Teamwork, collaboration and communication skills are also amplified on innovators days. 

Our learning guides are passionate creatives who will ensure there is no ceiling on ideas here.

Yes, tech will be incorporated more so on innovators days and always in meaningful ways to amplify learning experiences. 

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Designed for our youngest learners turning 5-7 years, creative foundations explores the introduction to foundational literacy and mathematical concepts through craft and sensory play. 

This 2 hour program will enjoy a notable Steiner influence to the rhythm and approach.

We intend this to be a gentle introduction to busy hub life for little learners.

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An emphasis on both outward and inward exploration. Explorations will include the wonder and phenomena of the world, philosophy, concepts through time, connection to land and to self. On Explorers days, expect the learning topics to be deeply considered, questioned and developed. Learning guides are chosen specifically to amplify curiosity and to ensure ample time for personal development takes place on explorers days. Personal growth tools may include yoga, mindfulness, meditation and developing intuition. 

Our 6-8 year old Explorers will be based at the hub every Tuesday. In addition to exploring program content they also frequently explore our local surroundings, including community permaculture gardens, creek system and parks all within walking distance of Our Element.

Explorers + Natureweavers days

Tuesday Explorers crews 9-12's and Teens explore the program content both here at Our Element and also with several full days collaboration of on-land learning with Natureweavers. The Natureweavers property is a 3 minute drive from Our Element and provides opportunity for deep earth connection to support the topics being learned in the Explorers program. 

Natureweavers day will commence week 2 with block/term schedule advised at that time. 

On Natureweavers days, parents are required to drop off AND pick up from Natureweavers HQ at the same times as usual Element days - 9am-2pm.


These Natureweavers days will experience instruction around permaculture, herbology, sacred ecology, survival skills and the rounded nurturing of a biophilic nature through on farm and in forest experiences. 

Experiences and learnings are informed by the Our Element annual learning program. The intention is that on land learnings carry back to the hub to be considered and implemented in an urban setting. 

* While Natureweavers days are super awesome - they also require a firm commitment to be fully prepared for 5 hours of all weather learning experiences. An on land learning kit is essential.